Aaron's Crossing

A Real Ghost's Story of a Life Healed in the Afterlife

Sometimes death isn't the end of the story...

From a forlorn cemetery in Northern Michigan, an ethereal presence follows the author home. Years later, he returns to channel his perceptions of life and death through her...

Kidnapped at the age of four by his father, Aaron Burke knows moments of great joy as his life progresses, but after the death of his wife, he cannot bear to look upon his children in whom he sees her face, and abandons them. Several years later, he falls to an inconsequential death.

Shielded from contact with everything he ever cared about and stuck in a seemingly meaningless existence as a ghost, Aaron examines his role in life and recognizes within himself the patterns that created his own misery, then takes corrective measures. In 1991, the author comes upon him in a cemetery. They communicate in human and ghostly ways and after sensing his plight, she commits to helping him find a way to cross over.

"This is where I found him..."
This is where I found him...

Uniquely treated, Aaron's Crossing is a warm tale of a lost soulís journey home instead of a chilling ghost story.

Because this actually happened to the author, the ending leaves the reader with new concepts of the afterlife, what it means to love from the heart, and the true meaning of forgiveness.

People everywhere search for life-after-death answers. This fascinating glimpse into a ghost's experience offers a unique viewpoint to a hot market for the spiritual genre.

Aaron's Crossing will be available September 2006 from Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores nation wide and online at www.amazon.com! Aaron's Crossing is also being adapted to the stage in a full, PHANTOM-like musical. Click here to listen to music samples!