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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Book getting 'discovered'
Ghostly story of afterlife picked up by publishing company

by Jolynn Paige of the Enterprise staff

LINDA ALICE DEWEY's book Aaron's Crossing: A True Inspiring Ghost Story is now being carried by the Hampton Roads publishing company. The book is also receiving attention in literary promotion releases.
Linda Alice Dewey

For Linda Alice Dewey, writing and self-publishing has been a kind of spiritual "assignment."

The Glen Arbor author felt so compelled to write the story Aaron's Crossing: A True Inspiring Ghost Story, in fact, that she mortgaged her home to pay for the first several thousand copies of the book.

Now, the national publishing company Hampton Roads has announced a first edition printing of 8,500 copies of the book. In addition, Barnes and Noble has agreed to purchase "several thousand" copies, and will be featuring Aaron's Crossing in a special Halloween promotion in October. One of the industries biggest trade publications, ForeWord Magazine, also just featured Aaron's Crossing in an online press release to booksellers, librarians, and other trade professionals.

"This is a dream come true, really," said Dewey. "I had to really stick my neck out by having the faith to put my own money on the line for this project. I've also had to spend a tremendous amount of time by going all around the state to promote my book, and doing workshops, but people are finally starting to discover the book," she said.

The fact that people are reading the book is most satisfying, she said, because her mission is to communicate, via Aaron, that there is a life beyond death, and that what we do while we're here makes a difference.

"The whole message that I know Aaron wanted to communicate to people was to learn to listen to your intuition and to trust yourself during your lifetime," said Dewey.

She is fully aware that not everyone who hears her story will believe her. "Everybody's got to have a healthy skepticism or else we'll all believe anything, right?" she asked.

But Dewey insists her encounter with the afterlife by means of developing a relationship with a ghost named Aaron is no hoax.

In 1991, while visiting her summer cottage in Glen Arbor, she and some friends went on a walk behind Boonedock's. They came upon an old cemetery, the headstones of which were cracked and worn. Some were even missing. "We could sense a heaviness in the air -- a kind of deep sadness right from the beginning of entering that cemetery," said Dewey.

A few years later, on a third trip to the cemetery, Dewey, still sensing the heaviness and sorrow in the place, felt compelled to say aloud, "Whoever you are, my heart is with you."

Thus began a long and deep relationship with a spirit named Aaron Burke. Burke had died in a farming accident in Ohio in 1922.

"He was hanging around the Glen Arbor cemetery because that's where his wife, Suzanne, was buried," said Dewey. "After my invitation to help him, he followed me home, and over the course of time, I put him in touch with someone who could help him crossover so that he could be at peace and be with his wife."

Dewey's tales of her encounter with a real ghost and his crossing is an alternative to the usual scary ghost stories. From their first interaction in the abandoned Glen Arbor cemetery and her bold efforts to reach out to him through the subsequent journey of their friendship, Dewey communicates telepathically with Aaron and learns much about that to which most of us have to access. The story, as told to Dewey, of his life and earth, time as a ghost, and his final crossing give a bright insight into "otherworldliness."

"I believe that this is not my project. It's more a responsibility to get the message out. I've been hearing from people all over the country who are telling me the positive things that Aaron's Crossing is doing for them, and that makes me extremely happy," said Dewey She said there's a lot of interest in the general public right now in the afterlife and the paranormal, as evidenced by the many popular television programs currently running.

"People are really interested in breaking through what science tells us is not possible," she said. "When so many people are experiencing this phenomena it's more than a break through, it's more than a miracle. We're learning and willing to openly talk about the fact that there's more beyond what we can perceive with our physical human instruments, and Aaron's Crossing just adds to the story."

- Jolynn Paige