The Ghost Who Would Not Die

The long-awaited second book by Linda Alice Dewey, published by Hampton Roads, will be in bookstores October 1


Jacobs’ sin was silence. Feeling limited by his handicap and color in life, he found in the afterlife that none of that mattered when it came to being able to make a difference. He blamed himself for sitting by during his lifetime and letting things happen without protest.

People need to know that they matter, but they need to do things that matter, too. Therein lies one’s life purpose.

There are many Aha! moments in “The Ghost Who Would Not Die.” Jacobs’ problems are issues we all face in life. His perspective—first as a man, then as a ghost and finally after crossing over—brings a fresh approach to life’s difficulties.

This book is about:

  • finding our purpose and making a difference.
  • making life happen rather than having life happen to us.
  • the importance of breaking silence when the truth must be spoken.
  • taking your power through speaking your truth and the freedom that comes with it.
  • freedom from inner slavery—our perceived limitations due to false perceptions about ourselves.

Its themes:

  • finding inner freedom
  • claiming your power
  • overcoming victim mentality
  • overcoming physical handicaps
  • death
  • the Afterlife
  • ghosts
  • slavery
  • freedom

Spiritually uplifting, liberating and inspiring, “The Ghost Who Would Not Die” sheds light on the afterlife, and we see that ghosts are people too.

About being psychic:

I was not born with these gifts. I developed them over 20 years. Other people can develop similar gifts by learning what they are and how to use them.