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Release Date: July 11, 2006

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BOO! Barnes and Noble Buys Big in
National Halloween Promotion Pre-Release Sale

Taking even the Charlottesville, VA-based publisher Hampton Roads by surprise, Barnes and Noble recently helped boost pre-sales of Linda Alice Dewey’s new book, AARON’S CROSSING: An Inspiring True Ghost Story by purchasing thousands of copies for a nationwide Halloween promotion. The book offers a new and inspirational twist on an old favorite Halloween theme: ghosts!

Dewey independently published and regionally marketed AARON’S CROSSING in 2005, selling thousands of copies in her first six months and hitting #2 on the bestseller list in Northern Michigan in only her second week. Hampton Roads Publishing Company later picked up the book, which is slated for release in September 2006.

What sets AARON’S CROSSING apart from a typical ghost story is that it offers an inspirational message about life-and death-to its readers. Dewey’s tale of her encounter with a real ghost and his crossing is a refreshing alternative to the usual scary ghost stories. >From their first interaction in an abandoned cemetery and her bold efforts to reach out to him through the subsequent journey of their friendship, Dewey communicates telepathically with Aaron and learns much about that to which most of us have no access. The story, as told to Dewey, of his life and death, time as a ghost, and his final crossing give a bright insight into otherworldliness.

Even for nonbelievers, this book is a fun and entertaining read—a bit eerie at times, full of humor and fresh concepts. The story conveys a comforting message for all and stresses the importance of living responsibly and with integrity, emphasizing the fundamental role of good relationships. The book offers an enlightened view of death, giving a more optimistic and hopeful take on the afterlife and our ability to connect with those who have already passed on. The author says, “We all die. Does it have to be so bad?”

Dewey continues to travel in Michigan and the surrounding area for workshops, book signings, and lectures on her experience. The previously published copy of the book still garners headlines across the state. However, with the upcoming Halloween promotion nationwide, her message will reach a greater public and this gem of a book will shine on a larger scale. Barnes and Noble’s move might just spell success for Dewey in the coming fall.

More information on Linda Alice Dewey and AARON’S CROSSING can be found on her website, www.lindaalicedewey.com and at Hampton Road’s website, www.hrpub.com.

She can be reached for interviews via email at Linda@lindaalicedewey.com.