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Release Date: December 11, 2006

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Aaron's Crossing stirring up more than just paying customers

Author Linda Alice Dewey’s book, “AARON’S CROSSING: An Inspiring Ghost Story” has stirred up a lot more than just paying customers. It seems that--since Dewey’s book came out--an increasing amount of paranormal activity has been noted in the woods where Dewey first encountered a ghost named Aaron.

On Nov. 29, Dewey facilitated a “ghost workshop” with 30 participants, including a local paranormal society who took metered and filmed readings. Along for the ride was a filming crew for a documentary on the paranormal. Last week, after going through a process covering all possible de-bunking, Wind Spirits Paranormal Society of Traverse City announced their final results from research done during the workshop. The woods are haunted. Get this: the base air temp that day was 34F, but meters spiked to over 70F in one “special” spot and held to 54-55 in most areas of the woods along the path to and around the cemetery. Dewey has this to say: “The workshop was enormously mind-blowing. Everyone had some kind of experience.”

Videographers had strange technical experiences when first interviewing Dewey last summer, too. In one area of the woods, the sound became highly distorted. Then the video camera began smoking when filming on the beach in front of Dewey’s house.

Dewey, called a “power promoter” by the Michigan Writers organization, gives workshops not only on ghosts, but also on dream interpretation (“Ghosts work into that, too,” she says) and spiritual skill-building. (“You’ve got to build awareness, and that takes skill.”) Michigan Writers--impressed with her progress (going in just 18 months from a self-published author to a published author as well as having AARON’S CROSSING featured nationally in Barnes & Noble this past October)—asked her to facilitate a workshop and share her marketing secrets. Dewey gave the workshop last month, and Michigan Writers president Aaron Stander says it is the best-attended workshop they’ve ever had. Dewey will present the new “Market Your Book (and Yourself!) Successfully” workshop through colleges, community colleges and adult enrichment programs this coming year.

Oh. She’s also finishing up a new book about her encounter with a second ghost and his life and afterlife story due to be released September, 2007 tentatively called JACOBS’ CROSSING.

As Hampton Roads publicist Sara Sgarlat says, “You go, girl!”