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Release Date: June 15, 2006

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Death is never the end of the story!

In 1922, Aaron Burke attended his own funeral. Hanging around in the graveyard after everyone had left, it began to dawn on him…he had become a ghost! He found a mentor in Marnie, a straight-shooting former prostitute inhabiting the same cemetery, and learned the basics of ghosthood, like flying and moving physical objects. Over the years he watched everyone he had known and loved cross over to the other side—including Marnie and his own children—but he remained, stuck in a lonely and seemingly meaningless limbo.

Fast-forward to 1991. On a visit to Aaron’s now-abandoned graveyard, author Linda Alice Dewey felt his presence, found a way to communicate with him, and embarked on a quest to help him cross over. Aaron was able to understand the lessons of what happened while he was alive—being kidnapped and taken from Ireland to America at age four, overcoming obstacle after obstacle as he grew up, finding happiness with the woman he loved, only to have it all fall apart—and was finally reunited with his loved ones on the other side. Years later, he returned to Linda in spirit to dictate his story, Aaron’s Crossing, a moving account of personal growth and life lessons that provides a surprising and ultimately reassuring answer to the universal question, “What will happen when I die?”

Unlike most fabricated ghost stories aiming for goose bumps, Linda’s sometimes-spooky story has the uncanny ring of truth. Former ForeWord Magazine Editor Aime Merizon calls Aaron’s Crossing “Delightful and authentic! The story’s twists and turns could not be invented. The ending is heartening, while the total sum of the book leaves the reader with a new awareness of life, death, what it means to love from the heart, and the true meaning of forgiveness.”

A thought-provoking, inspiring read for anyone who has ever wondered about life after death, Aaron’s Crossing offers a remarkable expanded vantage point to assure us that in the end, it will all make sense.

LINDA ALICE DEWEY taught music in public school for nearly twenty years, and is a regular stage performer in musical and theatrical productions as well as a painter. She lives in Glen Arbor, Michigan.

September 2006 • Body Mind Spirit • ISBN 1-57174-512-2 • Trade Paper • $16.95