Learn From Your Dreams

Discover the inner wisdom and guidance that comes to you in your dreams as Linda presents techniques to remember and interpret sleep journeys. Understand what happens in the dream state and learn the different types of dreams. Begin to recognize how your own dreams talk to you through symbols each night. Learn to intentionally direct dreamtime toward your own specific goals of healing and self-empowerment.

Linda shows you how to spiritually activate yourself in the sleep state by working with your dreams in the waking state. You will find inspiring new ways to connect with your highest Good and work out life's problems and situations through these techniques.

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Ghosts: Monsters or Miracles?

Learn many fascinating facts about ghosts, earthbound spirits, and life on "the other side"! This workshop will dispel old myths about ghosts, yet validate some widely held beliefs. Learn how to become more aware and to discern the difference ghosts and spirits. The difference between "ghost-busting" and "ghost-work" is taught, emphasizing when and how we can help them.

If you are seeking greater understanding of the afterlife, or desiring closure and peace with regard to a deceased loved one, please come to this session and work with Linda. Her spontaneous and intuitive response to the needs of each person in the group creates many heart-healing miracles!

After the workshop, Linda will conduct a special "crossing over meditation" for those who wish to stay and participate. During this meditation, the group will assist those earthbound spirits who are ready and have come to us for help in finding their way to the Light. A wonderful and heart-warming experience!

NOTE: Ghost Walk

A special treat for workshops in Glen Arbor, MI, Linda will lead a tour of the cemetery where she met Aaron and talk about the experience and more of what Aaron has shown us about life and the afterlife. The 'Ghost Walk' finishes with a crossing-over meditation (for those who wish to stay and participate).

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During the 2 hours we will become acquainted, take a guided meditation tour, then learn how to listen spiritually, to discern when the voice we hear telepathically is our own or not, and hone our capabilities at hearing the Divine.

This is the way Linda takes down her books, and she is willing to share her skills and teach them to all who may wish to do the same.

Spirituality 101: An Exploratory for Novices in Metaphysics

Linda will present an introduction to several methods that support and enhance our spiritual growth through connecting to the Divine including meditation, hearing your spiritual guides and/or teachers, automatic writing, using tarot cards and rune stones, working with pendulums and crystals. She will also discuss different levels of energy and include exercises to increase your awareness of how to feel energy. She'll cover auras, chakras and give an overview of the the different types of psychic awareness.

With her spontaneous and very interactive style, Linda will show that we all have spiritual talents and will inspire the group to awaken, explore and develop these unique intuitive abilities. Be sure to bring your journal or a notebook!

Please call the venue for rates and to reserve space.